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BP Big Screens- Free Opera

So, I’m on a train right now steaming straight ahead to London. Not to buy a heat magazine as some may say, but to meet some of the other Royal Opera House Student Ambassadors in Trafalgar Square, for the live stream of Il Trovatore (Complete with picnic of course).

These events are brilliant, even when you have to don the free poncho and your inflatable cushion becomes squishy or somewhat deflated, because the atmosphere is sensational. So check out the website and see where your nearest one is! 
Let’s hope it stays warm 🙂

If you don’t fancy braving the elements, there are still tickets available for the production in the ROH itself at the Student Rate of £10 today, Friday and Saturday 😮. So make sure you’re signed in as a student, take your NUS card and grab them whilst you can. You can get two per student card. 
Who says you can’t come to world class Opera on a student budget!? 

#ROHStudents #ROHIlTrovatore

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